• Difference between Margin Accounts vs. Cash Account
    A margin account allows you to invest margin. In simple words, you don’t have to pay the total cost of acquisition because your broker helps you cover up this part. In addition, a cash account can allow you to make investments that you need to pay through the money you have in your account. 
  • How to Write Check?
    Today, checks are used widely because they are convenient and less expensive to use in this digital world. You may need to write a review every day, but sometimes. It is not hard to write a check, but it follows some easy steps.
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
    Cryptocurrency is frequently mentioned as a potential solution to the problems in our present financial system.
  • Checking account application
    A "checking account" and a "transactional account" are two sorts of accounts. Accounts with high liquidity that can be accessed by cheques, ATMs, and debit cards are called demand accounts and transactional accounts, respectively, although they're both referring to the same thing. A checking account varies from other bank accounts in that it frequently allows for many withdrawals and unrestricted deposits, whereas savings accounts can limit both.
  • What Is The Mechanism Of Bitcoin Mining? How Does It Work?
    You could indeed earn bitcoin without needing to spend any money on it if you participate in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin miners are rewarded with Bitcoin to complete "blocks" of be-all, updated frequently by other miners. Mining prizes are paid to the first miner to solve a complex hash-based puzzle. The possibility that a respondent is the one to find the remedy is proportional to the proportion of total miners’ network interface that participating member controls.
  • Virtual currency brokers: cryptocurrency platform supervision
    Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that requires a private key to access or make use of this asset, such as the action of transferring to others.
  • How has the international role of the US dollar evolved?
    US dollar in the global economy has greater impact and dominance compared with the size of the US economy.
  • The objectives and design principles of CBDC payment
    CBDC payment system is established to meet the Bank of England's goal of maintaining monetary and financial stability. Therefore, it needs to meet three principles and balance different principles
  • Virtual currency brokers: the supervision on cryptocurrency platform
    Mainly introduce the current situation of cryptocurrency market, how to own cryptocurrency, how to transfer cryptocurrency, the role of cryptocurrency wallet provider in cryptocurrency transfer, and the services that cryptocurrency exchange can provide.
  • FSB: Ten Supervisory Recommendations on GSC
    FSB put forward ten recommendations to promote the unified, effective supervision and supervision of GSC and this article introduces the first four.

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